New material to substitue a-Si: IGZO
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Author:  Klaus [ 04.11.2019, 18:35 ]
Post subject:  New material to substitue a-Si: IGZO

Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) is a promising new technology and up to now (2019) there is only one detector available for NDT with IGZO from a company in China. IGZO may be known from the displays of some expensive smart phones.
The physics behind this technology is very similar to the amorphous silicon based technique with Scintilators.
There are some advantages of IGZO technology compared to a-Si
- smaller pixel possible (smart phone displays ~45µm)
- low dose performance improved by factor of two
- no limitation in array size ( IGZO in a TV of larger than 120cm)
- higher frame rate
- faster pan modes with lower dose per frame
- pixel discharge time up to ten times faster than a-Si (less lag, faster)
- increased pixel fill factor (limits the minimum pixel size of a-Si to ~100µm).

- radiation hardness in NDT applications not finally proved
- first frame lag stays at a higher level (which is reached within a few µs).

As there are only a few detectors available two are shown which are intended for the medical market.

and iRay

For more details about this new technology I put a in the knowledge base.

Author: [ 05.01.2021, 09:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: New material to substitue a-Si: IGZO in NDT

IGZO in NDT seems a very promissing technology. Most important aspect in converting to IGZO in in-line NDT is panel lifetime (next to efficiency, resolution, cost, speed, etc).

I never saw good information/comparisons about lifetime (incl. impact of low-dose performance on lifetime) of IGZO panels versus other silicon based panels ?

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